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With our masterbatch portfolio and expertise in thick film extrusion processes conditions, Sukano is your ideal partner. We can provide you peace of mind and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.


  • Low haze
  • Excellent transparency
  • Reduced coefficient of friction (COF)
  • Easier demold and denest without surface abrasion
  • Lower stickiness of films
  • Content protection from sunlight or artificial light degradation
  • Color retention
  • Content Organoleptic attributes integrity (nutrition, smell, taste, odour)
  • Static charges build up prevention
  • Significant surface resistivity reduction
  • Anti-dust effect
  • Packed articles less prone to impairment
  • Safety

When the first impression matters!

Does your product need to have greater visual impact on the shelf?

Do you want true differentiation and high brand awareness?

Do you stock an iconic product, and want to enhance its appeal while still remaining environmental conscious?

Then Sukano can provide you even more added value:

  • Gloss control of your film
  • Opacity management for light protection and printability
  • Excellent coverage at very low let down ratios
  • Predispersed material enabling uniform color distribution even at very thin parts
  • Luxurious, sophisticated look and feel at affordable coloration costs
  • Ability to support closed loop initiatives increasing recycled PET (RPET) amounts into the final parts
  • Design and creativity freedom

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