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PLA is currently the second-highest consumed bioplastic worldwide by volume, and it offers a broad range of functionalities optimized for each biodegradable plastic type of application. It can be processed into a vast array of products using conventional plastics processing technologies. However, there are some challenges to overcome when introducing this biodegradable plastic into new applications.


One of the issues converters and brand owners face when introducing PLA is the polymer's resistance to heat. Depending on the process and the end application a certain Tg is needed and this may limitate its use. SUKANO® Nucleating Agents address exactly this challenges and helps to make the switch to bio - even for applications in need of increased thermal stability. 


SUKANO® Nucleating Agent forms many small nucleation sites, which increase the speed of crystallization and generate a uniform crystalline structure, resulting in reduced cycle times, uniform part quality, in addition to improved thermal and visual properties in transparent and opaque PLA films. 

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