A new straw generation

It’s time to rethink materials for straws and look to the next generation of functional performance features

PLA drinking straws manufacturing conditions may vary according to market and quality requirements as well as specific set up of plastics convertors or extruders.
Manufacturing set up can be expected to be customized depending on machinery feed rates, cutting technology, cooling systems, texturizing, thickness and flexibility of the straws.
Since PLA is highly sensitive to moisture, drying conditions of neat PLA are extremely important and decisive to achieve a successful and stable process.
The use of «hot knives» is key to reduce cracking in straws as well as eliminate jagged edges during cutting, providing smooth edges of straws.

Sukano PLA based masterbatches can provide the following benefits for straight and articulated, U-shaped straws:

  • 1
    Reduce the brittleness of PLA
  • 2
    Allow precise cutting during production
  • 3
    Avoid splintering and rough edges
  • 4
    Dimensional stability greater flexibility
  • 5
    No cracking at temperatures of 110° to 120°C
  • 6
    Maintain the high transparency required in straws

Sukano's experts and stat-of-the-art analytical laboratory are available to test and run trials to report on your specific performance needs and application requirements

Sukano statement on coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak

The current exceptional situation in regard to the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) demands action and solidarity all over the world. The safety of our employees, customers, and society at large is of the highest priority to Sukano. While fulfilling the needs of our customers continues to be the focus of our activities, we are doing so with the respective sense of urgency and practices the current situation demands.

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