Make yourself at home using Sukano products for peace of mind – in both processing and product performance!

Take full advantage of Sukano’s deep technical knowhow in functional and colored masterbatches and enjoy the advantages of working with experts that translate your needs into tangible, innovative products. Sukano stands for high quality, high customer focus, flexibility of supply, service orientation and deep technical expertise.


Our leading polyester masterbatches cover basic to highly demanding applications worldwide. These innovative products are developed specifically for sheet processors, and provide unique benefits that can directly impact performance and functionality of the final sheets.


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Easy-to-process additives and color masterbatches can deliver products that are:

  • sheets
    Highly clear
  • sheets
    In compliance with strict dimensional tolerance applications
  • sheets
    Possess excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties
  • sheets
    Controlled stiffness
  • sheets
  • sheets
    Flame retardant
  • sheets
    Easily printable
  • sheets
    Low water absorption


  • sheets
    Impact resistant, allowing thinner gauge sheets
  • sheets
    Chemically resistant
  • sheets
    Light transmission management
  • sheets
    Wide temperature management (from high to low)
  • sheets
    Long-lasting UV protection
  • sheets
    Have an extensive, lively color range
  • sheets
    Total gloss/matte control
  • sheets
    Direct food contact compliant

Be delighted by Sukano’s portfolio for lighting management

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Whether you produce lighting items for hotels, healthcare facilities, offices, educational buildings, retail spaces, cultural centers or industrial spaces, Sukano’s experts will support you to achieve optimum illumination effects and aesthetic freedom.


Discover Sukano's masterbatches for light management.

Discover Sukano´s light barrier masterbatches for sheets


How does the UV protection work for sensitive outdoor applications?
According to the polymer and final article, different types of light barrier requirements are established, to avoid the negative effects of UV radiation.

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