Adding value to the resin through material modification via masterbatch route

The partnership between #tide and Sukano opens new doors to broaden the use of tide's award-winning ocean-bound plastic material.

Sukano is not only the global distributor but also the exclusive masterbatch partner of the #tide RPET resin. As such, Sukano offers a one-stop shop to introduce this valuable material into new market segments and end applications through polymer modification and design flexibility through colors.

One-stop shop for a ready to use material

We add value beyond the RPET resin, helping you to implement the #tide ocean RPET material into your portfolio that has a major impact on reducing carbon emissions. With Sukano you have a single partner on your side that provides both, the RPET resin and customized masterbatches and compounds. We assist you every step of the way from the selection of the suitable #tide ocean-bound RPET grade to a masterbatch solution tailored to your needs and the technical requirements of your end application.


With our innovative solutions, you can smoothly switch from virgin material to ocean-bound RPET. We deliver high-performance and tailor-made masterbatches that go into Textiles, Consumer Durables, Industrial, Non-Food Packaging, and Building and Construction.

“At Sukano, we believe that nature and the environment are not inexhaustible resources, and require protection and rational use. Partnering with #tide, we proactively protect the planet by promoting sustainability, circularity and social development for all.” - Norman Egger, CEO Sukano

Global additive and color masterbatch specialist

With over 30 years of experience in the development and production of additive and color masterbatches for polyesters, biopolymers, and specialty resins, Sukano provides longstanding expertise in the PET masterbatch industry. Thus, we understand the challenges that accompany the introduction of new material into your portfolio and know how to conquer them.


At Sukano, we are at the forefront of the recycling journey since the very beginning and offer great expertise in this field. We closely collaborated with customers to help them make the switch to PET or RPET.  All Sukano masterbatches are designed for circularity and adhere to strict Design and Innovation principles set by the company.

Profit from our in-house testing centers

Sukano’s top-notch and readily available in-house technical and analytical center allows for pretesting and offers fact-based decision-making. This enables you to speed up time to market and increase accuracy on any and all of your new product launches. Transitioning from a linear economy toward circularity comes with challenges, but we are equipped with expertise and experience in PET and recyclability to overcome them.


At Sukano, we emphasize customer-centricity. Your technical and functional requirements are our priority. This is why we offer easy access to our R&D to ensure the optimum material properties of your end application are achieved. 

Reach out to Sukano for tailor-made color, additive, and combimasterbatches for #tide ocean-bound RPET

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