Sukano as resin distributor of the
#tide ocean RPET material®

For the first time, Sukano acts not only as a masterbatch and compound partner but also becomes the global distributor of #tide’s blockchain traceable ocean-bound RPET material®. 

This partnership offers the chance to distribute the #tide material to an even broader market and gain more reach. Sukano can distribute this material from Switzerland, the US, and Asia. Together, Tide Ocean SA and Sukano can make significant contributions toward a climate-neutral, circular future. 

About #tide

Tide Ocean SA is a supplier of recycled ocean-bound plastic based in Basel, Switzerland. The company was founded by Thomas Schori in 2019. It all started with an innovative and truly sustainable thought: using plastic collected from the ocean for watchstraps as a durable solution to marine plastic pollution. What started with watchstraps has expanded to more and more applications and markets. The goal is to give plastic waste value and transform it into durable and sustainable end applications. All the while creating social and environmental impact at the forefront of the issue and with the local communities in mind who are most affected by plastic pollution.

#tide ocean material®

#tide is upcycling the plastic waste threatening our oceans into high-quality RPET granules, giving plastic waste a second life. This raw material is made of 100% ocean-bound plastic. 


Ocean-bound plastic is waste that is very likely to end up in the ocean, located within 50km from shores, where waste management systems are inexistent or inefficient. #tide has narrowed the official definition of ocean-bound plastic down to waste within 10km from the coastline. Ocean-bound plastic is exposed to UV rays, salt water and sand, which affects its material properties, making it dirty and brittle. This plastic is not directly processable and needs upcycling. 


In partnership with Professor Daniel Schwendemann and his team at the Swiss University of Applied Sciences IWK, #tide has developed a scientific based mechanical recycling process to regenerate the molecular chains of ocean-bound plastic waste. This process allows for the replacement of virgin plastics with #tide ocean-bound plastic without loss in quality. 

  • Ocean-bound plastic is collected by fishermen and local communities on islands and beaches along coastlines and uncontrolled landfills in Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
  • This plastic is threatening the environment and the quality of life of the people living on the coast. 
  • The fishermen are paid fair wages for the collected waste. 
  • A waste management system is created in places with uncontrolled landfills. 
Sorting & shredding
  • The material is sorted in Social Enterprises.
  • The different plastics are separated, cleansed, and pressed into bales for further processing.
  • Monitoring of the processing and recycling of plastic waste.
  • #tide's Research and Development department and the Institute for Materials Technology and Plastics Processing control the quality standards of the material. 
  • Brittle plastic waste is transformed into a premium second-life raw material with high purity.
Compounding & manufacturing
  • Aligning the properties of the collected and upcycled plastic waste with the manufacturing process specifically to the final product. 
  • Raw component goes into all kinds of industries and products.
  • Continued research to find new applications and processing possibilities.
Tide resin overview

#tide ocean's recycled plastic pellets are used for injection molding, sheet extrusion, and fiber spinning and go into end applications in the following market segments: Non-Food Packaging, Consumer Durables, Industrial, Building and Construction.

Material certifications

Tide certification

Sukano offers different grades of #tide RPET material® and tailor-made masterbatches according to your needs

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