Overcoming the barriers in injection molding

A bigger shift toward PLA in injection molding has been slowed by serious issues. There are several challenges that convertors have faced when processing injection molded PLA parts, especially when using existing equipment and tools, including:


  •  Difficulties with fill cavities due to lower melt viscosity of the carrier, especially for thin wall applications
  •  Decreased melt flow
  •  Additional force required to fill the form, which may lead to shorter lifespan of the tool
  • Higher filter pressure needed, which can lead to production stops
  • Material sticking to the molding surface, making demolding more difficult and increasing the risk of breakage in the end application
Due to these issues, processing PLA was not even possible in many cases – until now.

Formulated to enable a broader design variety to be injection molded with PLA

A Release Agent facilitates the separation of the cured part from the mold. SUKANO® Mold Release Masterbatch migrates to the surface of the final product facilitating demolding of the injection molded part from the metal surface of the cavity, hence reducing the demolding force.


Customer cases have demonstrated that the switch from fossil-based plastics to PLA for injection molding is very much possible, all without major financial investments.

Benefits of SUKANO® Mold Release

  • 20
    Improved demolding
  • 20
    Reduced cycle times
  • 20
    Continuous running
  • 20
    Scratch and scuff resistance
  • 20
    Excellent surface finish
  • 20
    Good printability and sealability

Melt flow increase as an additional effect

mold release

SUKANO ® Mold Release Masterbatches can reduce the friction between the polymer chains. This leads to a lower melt viscosity and therefore a higher melt flow without increasing the temperature. This can help to fill the cavities, especially in thin wall applications.

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