We aim to be the world's preferred masterbatch specialist in polyesters and specialty resins. Our objective is to deliver above-industry value to our stakeholders while ensuring a positive impact and sustainable legacy long term.

  • Expand our core business profitably and sustainably
  • Pioneer technological solutions to continuously strengthen our customers
  • Translate customers' needs into actions, services and products that outperform market expectations
  • High-performance professionals that meet customers' demands at all levels
  • Endeavor for lean, flexible manufacturing in accordance with - and even beyond - global standards
  • Deliver superior value products and services to our customers, the environment and society
  • Innovation and pioneering ideas
  • Significant experience and know-how, yet agile and flexible
  • The partner that provides fully tailored customer experiences
  • Customer and market-orientation
  • Genuinely warm, friendly, tolerant multicultural communication style
  • Teamwork that delivers peak performance
  • Socially responsible company

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