Use your Sukano virtual reality viewer to discover the world from a different perspective.

Immerse yourself in a virtual world  – just hold up your Sukano virtual reality viewer and place your smartphone's display in front. Your Sukano virtual reality viewers work along with your smartphone; then, by simply downloading the virtual reality app of your choice, you can then insert the phone into the viewer to experience virtual views of the world.

How to use your Sukano virtual reality headset:

  1. Fold and set up your Sukano virtual reality viewer as shown on the instructions on the viewer
  2. Open the virtual reality app of your choice on your phone
  3. Place your phone in your viewer, hold up the viewer and take a look. Have fun!

Virtual Reality Applications

Virtual Reality applications can be downloaded directly from your app store. Here are some apps that can be used with an Android and/or iOs phone:


  1. Cardboard
  2. Cardboard Camera
  3. VRSE / Within VR
  4. GoPro VR
  5. Youtube
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