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The UN has defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a universal call to action. Sukano supports these goals, to positively impact the prosperity of our people and planet. We can address global challenges such as inequality, climate change, and environmental degradation. The future starts today, which is why Sukano chooses to take action and pursue sustainable practices. 


Sukano can do its part for a sustainable and inclusive future by enhancing economic growth, designing products for circularity, using renewable energy and empowering our most valued asset, our people. As a leader in our industry, Sukano wants to shape the progress on environmental and economic issues along the entire value chain. Moreover, our products amplify existing efforts to end hunger and support good health. 


As a global player, Sukano acts responsibly today for tomorrow and beyond. 

Design for circularity 2
Design for circularity
  • Collaboration and joint forces along the value chain are needed to move towards a circular economy. Sukano innovates through collaboration and therefore partners with global key players in the market to maximize and diversify the use of sustainable materials.
  • Everyone should be surrounded by a safe environment to ensure global health. 
  • We deliver to the medical market and contribute to affordable medicine and vaccines for all. 
  • The SUKANO® antimicrobial masterbatch protects surfaces from serving as a transmitter of bacteria and viruses, even after being washed. 
  • Sukano recognizes and combats the problem of plastic pollution by fostering reusable materials, enabling recycling and offering bio-based, biodegradable, and marine-degradable masterbatches to the market. 
  • Our masterbatches increase the RPET quality by restoring its original properties and enabling the use of higher RPET content. Our products are designed for circularity, decreasing our reliance on virgin plastics.
  • Packaging plays a crucial role in increasing the shelf life of packaged food, keeping food fresh and safe, thus minimizing food waste which in turn reduces CO2 emissions. Sukano masterbatches are decisive to facilitate the accessibility of safe food and clean water for all. Our masterbatches are heavily used in food packaging and all our masterbatches are designed for food compliance.
People empowerment
People empowerment
  • As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Sukano enforces an inclusive and diverse work environment. All qualified applications are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender, national origin, age, or any other characteristic protected by law. 
  • Sukano ensures safe and secure working conditions. Additionally, employees are supported in their professional development. We are committed to fair play in line with and above market and industry standards.
  • Inclusive leadership at all levels of decision-making is at the heart of our organization. Our technology and innovations drive economic growth and contribute to a fair competitive market while maintaining ethical, sustainable operations.
Environmental commitment Icon 22
Environmental commitment
  • Sukano's HQ in Switzerland is powered to 95% by clean and renewable energy from its own and third-party supplies. 2'000 solar panels are installed on the roof of our manufacturing facility and e-bike as well as EV charging stations are made available to all our stakeholders.
  • Sukano develops products to make the building and construction industry more sustainable by supporting smart building. Our masterbatches reduce the weight of the end product, in turn, decreasing environmental impact. Our light management portfolio allows constructions that maximize the use of natural light and therefore minimize the need and demand for energy.
  • Climate change prevention is integrated into our daily business practices. Within our operations, we use a closed-loop water system and ensure our waste is minimized via technology and when disposed of, managed to the international highest standards.
  • Sukano invests in lean and sustainable operations. Our commitment to climate action was awarded an EcoVadis silver medal. 
  • Our products are circular by design. We aspire to keep the materials in the loop as long as possible, allow collection and sorting of the materials, and minimize any leakage into the open environment. Our products are made to be reused, recycled, or composted. 

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