Stand out on the shelf while making a positive environmental impact

Sukano additives and color masterbatches enable ready-to-use products that help distinguish your brand in a competitive market. We add value to your packaging by offering sustainable solutions that match the requirements of your materials and end applications.



Our products enhance the properties of your food and non-food packaging, such as visual appeal, durability, and performance. The wide range of color and functional masterbatches make sure your rigid and flexible packaging applications will stand out from the crowd. 


They also allow flexible designs, from transparent to matt surface finish, and are suitable for both hot and cold applications. Our diverse range of packaging solutions tailored to protect and preserve your food help guarantee long-lasting freshness and top-notch quality.

We can also support your efforts to improve the sustainability profile of your product by offering longstanding expertise in biobased, biodegradable, and compostable polymers, as well as mechanical recycling. Meet the demand of a circular economy by increasing RPET content in your application and/or switching to bioplastic material. 

Packaging applications

  • Packaging Sukano blau
    Food packaging
  • Packaging Sukano blau
    Beverage bottles
  • Packaging Sukano blau
    Personal care packaging
  • Packaging Sukano blau
    Cosmetics packaging
  • Packaging Sukano blau
    Household and cleaning packaging
  • Packaging Sukano blau
    Industrial packaging
  • Packaging Sukano blau
    Pet food packaging
  • Packaging Sukano blau
    Rafia and straps
Product performance
  • Monomaterial packaging options
  • Improved line-speed
  • Stable melt
  • Excellent adhesion and release characteristics
  • Outstanding printability
  • Multiple visual effects on demand
  • Organoleptic integrity
  • Formulations designed for your application's specific end of life
  • Mechanically recyclable formulation
  • Industrially compostable compliant formulations
  • Technical expertise in polymers processing
  • Development partner for tailor-made masterbatch solutions
  • Combibatches including multi-functions and colors
  • Outstanding analytical testing capabilities at your hand throughout development and commercialization
  • In-house regulatory expertise and advisor
  • Dedicated compliance letter according to customer claims

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