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At Sukano, we prioritize the quality and suitability of the product for its end use. Our masterbatches minimize risks and allow for high-quality and safe medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging.

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Plastics play an essential role in healthcare as material for high-quality medical components or protective packaging. They are shatter-proof, nonpermeable, and lightweight, making them ideal for safe and comfortable medical applications. Because they are lightweight, plastic devices offer a high comfort level during use and reduce fatigue during clinical processes. In addition, plastics allow for design flexibility and reproducibility, enabling manufacturers to efficiently create devices with intricate geometry, and with various color options and textures.

Sukano provides trusted color and product functionalities that mitigate risks throughout the value chain, ensuring safe and reliable plastic devices and components that comply with the latest regulations for the healthcare industry.

Medical applications

  • Healthcare Sukano blau
    Drug delivery devices
  • Healthcare Sukano blau
    Pharma packaging
  • Healthcare Sukano blau
    Noninvasive devices: external monitoring and lab equipment
Product performance


  • Stable, traceable, repetitive, and reproducible manufacturing processes
  • Change control available
  • Globally harmonized formulations and standardized manufacturing 


  • In-house regulatory expertise customized to your needs
  • Outstanding analytical and physical testing capabilities
  • Tailor-made additives and color developments
  • Selected raw material portfolio for healthcare and medical devices compliance
  • Combibatches with functions coupled to colors
  • Expertise on biobased, biodegradable, and compostable polymers
  • Profound knowledge and experience in the safe and maximum use of recyclable content

Meet our masterbatches for personal protective equipment

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