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Sukano invites you to watch our online webinar about the SUKANO® Antifogging Compound for PET packaging hosted by Packaging Europe.


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Packaging Europe

SUKANO® Antifogging Compound for cold food contact PET packaging

Fogging, or the undesired formation of small water droplets on the surface of films, is a common problem when packing moisture-containing products such as fruit, vegetables, or meat in a tight container.


This condensation not only makes packed food look less fresh and less attractive, but sensitive applications can even be damaged or have their shelf-life reduced due to the presence of water droplets. 

Oriented polyester film converters and thermoformers can now rely on an innovative Antifogging Compound that offers durable, transparent, and homogeneous performance for direct food contact PET packaging. 


The SUKANO® Antifogging Compound ensures easy handling without needing to invest in any additional machinery and eliminates the need for secondary processing steps, such as coatings. 

Learning objectives

  • Learn about SUKANO® Antifogging Compound for oriented polyester films and thermoformed applications to replace coating technology.
  • Gain an understanding of how to achieve a transparent, durable, and homogenous antifogging effect. 
  • Find out about the recyclability and circularity test results of SUKANO® Antifogging Compound. 

Meet the speakers

Michael Kirch and Alessandra Funcia, two of Sukano's experts with longstanding experience in the plastics industry will be presenting the SUKANO® Antifogging Compound. They look forward to seeing many of you there and answering your questions.

Speaker photo_Michael Kirch

Michael Kirch


Michael Kirch joined Sukano in 2007 and has played a leading role in the company's development of functional and optical masterbatches and compounds for the plastics industry. As Head of R&D, he has managed a global group of engineers, chemists, and technicians, as well as the global R&D technical centre. 


With over 25 years of experience in the plastics industry, he and his team provide outstanding support to global customers that manufacture polyester and specialty resins. Michael holds a master’s degree in material science and a bachelor’s degree in business administration.  


Speaker photo_Alessandra Funcia

Alessandra Funcia


Alessandra Funcia is Global Head of Marketing and Head of Sales EMEA at Sukano AG. She has almost 20 years of experience working in leading global and regional roles in multinational companies focused on the color and additive masterbatches business.




She is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of market strategies and communication activities, with a focus on specialty resins, recyclability, and biodegradable plastics. In her free time, she acts as an environmental activist using science-based approaches to set priorities and promote impactful changes in our daily life.

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