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Enable Frozen Impact Stability of Monomaterial PET (5/6/2024)

SUKANO® Clear Impact Modifier

Facilitate the use of monomaterial PET structures for cold, flash-frozen, and room-temperature applications. Elevate the mechanical properties of PET for enhanced impact resistance and durability. This enables higher RPET content, making end application shatter-proof, safe, and sustainable.


Make PET Hot-Fillable (5/7/2024 and 5/9/2024)

SUKANO® Nucleating Agent

Sukano formulated a new nucleating masterbatch package that allows transparent CPET-light applications to be dimensionally stable at temperatures up to 100°C. This advancement enables the use of PET for hot-fill applications that are recyclable.


Closing The Loop (5/8/2024)

Masterbatches for Recycling Enhancement 

Through Sukano functional additives, it is possible to recover the properties of plastic, allowing up to 100% of the recycled content to be reprocessed. Additionally, our masterbatches enable the transition from complex packaging structures to monomaterial whenever possible. Explore our portfolio, including melt viscosity enhancer, anti-yellowing masterbatches to neutralize and stabilize yellowing, and white masterbatches for opaque bottles which can be recycled.


Elevate your PET Bottle Production (5/9/2024)

SUKANO® Mobility Aid

Introducing SUKANO® Mobility Aid masterbatch for Injection Stretch Blow Molded (ISBM) PET bottles, an alternative solution for efficient production without the need for spray coating. Experience a silicone-like mobility aid effect that preserves material clarity. Achieve consistency and even distribution throughout the PET material, leading to a significant reduction in the coefficient of friction (COF) and enhanced processing.



Meet the Speakers


  • Michael Kirch, Head of R&D, Switzerland 
  • John Price, Director of Technology & Operations, Americas
  • Brett Watkins, Director of Commercial Development, Americas


Seminarios Lantinoamericanos

Sukano is sponsoring the Seminarios Latinoamericanos (5/7/2024 and 5/8/2024) by Tecnología del Plástico. 


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Date: May 8, 2024

Time: Between 9.00 AM - 12.30 PM

Speaker: William Franco, Business Innovation Engineer


Sukano Innovative Additives - The Best Path to Sustainability

Through Sukano functional additives, it is possible to stabilize and/or recover the properties of the plastic, allowing up to 100% of the recycled content to be reprocessed. We will present additives that improve the viscosity and flow properties, as well as the physical, mechanical and optical properties of the degraded material. 


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