Sukano partners with PlastiColors to meet the growing market demand for PET packaging in South Africa

Sukano, a major player in the PET industry and global additive and color masterbatch specialist, has partnered with PlastiColors, a leading masterbatch supplier for the South African market. PlastiColors will be the distributor of the full SUKANO® product portfolio for polyester and copolyester, providing tailor-made solutions that pave the way toward a sustainable future.

Recognizing the significant potential for the use of PET masterbatches in the South African plastics market, Sukano as a PET specialist, and PlastiColors as a well-established player in the market, join forces to advance the promotion of the closed-loop recyclable polymer PET. Both companies enjoy many years of experience in the plastics industry and share a passion for pioneering innovative technological solutions. PlastiColors draws on its market knowledge and strong reputation to introduce Sukano’s product portfolio that helps enhance productivity, functionality, aesthetics, and the recyclability of plastic packaging. That way, customers can benefit from Swiss quality and technology combined with top-notch local customer care and support.

”This partnership serves as a catalyst, empowering PlastiColors to drive the growth of sustainable material solutions within the country’s plastics industry. Sukano’s forward-looking masterbatch portfolio, designed to support and amplify recycling efforts, complement and enhance the reach of PlastiColors´ product offerings for South African players”, highlights Norman Egger, CEO of Sukano AG.

“By combining Sukano’s products and technical expertise with our market presence and existing customer relationships, we aim to optimize the PET packaging manufacturer process and maximize the use of recycled PET in various end applications”, reinforces Michelle Fleming, CEO and owner of PlastiColors.


The introduction of Sukano’s products and material solutions to the market via PlastiColors holds the potential to usher in a new era of heightened recycling rates, improved recyclate quality, and a lowered carbon footprint of packaging throughSukano the substitution of materials with lower environmental credentials with PET.

Sukano and PlastiColors - Your partners of choice

Sukano is a global specialist in the development and production of highly specialized additive and color masterbatches as well as compounds for polyesters, biopolymers, and specialty resins. The business is headquartered in Switzerland, with additional manufacturing facilities strategically located in the USA and Malaysia.


PlastiColors is one of the leading producers of colorants and additives in South Africa for plastics. The company is located in its own factory in Sebenza, Johannesburg. They are a supplier to numerous international corporates and conglomerates with large capacity requirements.


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