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Our analytical lab hosts both TGA and DSC, providing insight into the thermal properties of your samples, – characterizing not only the material identity, but also volatility and thermal degradation.


In addition, our fully equipped chemical lab can handle all solvents typically necessary for polyester IV-measurement.


Our UV, VIS and NIR spectroscopic devices provide precise transmission and reflection data from wavelengths ranging from 200-3000nm, which are valuable for development in light barrier, UV protection and thermal management applications. Our physical test lab also houses optical equipment for the measurement of haze, transmission, clarity, and gloss.


Application-related tests, such as coefficient of friction (COF) and dart impact testing, specifically address our core competence in films.


Our optical microscope and microtome cutter enable detailed analysis on end applications in order to identify defects such as gels, agglomerates, surface scratches, and more. This helps to determine root causes of problems and indicates potential improvement measures, whether in the course of a development project or during quality assurance.

Analytical Center

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    Muffle ovens for ash content measurement, MFR tester, IV-measurement
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    Haze, gloss, COF, roughness & electrostatic measurement
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    Spectroscopy and thermoanalytics:UV, NIR, FTIR, DSC, TGA
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    Computer aided formulation and color measurement

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