Benefit from in-house development and testing equipment, as well as outstanding project management.

Our Technical Center offers flexibility in mixing and compounding processes that allow us to match the functional and optical needs of our customers' end applications.


Several dryers address the needs of polyester and specialty resin processing. Our equipment currently includes three pilot compounders that enable representative and scalable product development. This helps ensure a smooth and reproducible transition from lab to industrial scale, allowing us to offer our customers quick responses even for highly customized products.

In our Technical Center, our partners can also rely on a 200mm wide mono film line and a thermoformer with specific test tools. This is complemented by two injection molding machines to mold plaques with thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 6mm, as well as tensile and UL94 flame retardant bars. Our two filter pressure testers determine pigment dispersion quality on masterbatches.

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Sukano Global R&D constantly invests in equipment for the development of thick and thin oriented films. We have a 300mm wide coextrusion film line (cast and calendered film and sheet), as well as a lab tenterframe. This enhances and speeds up product and application development of films – our core application market. These unique tools are available to our valued customers upon request.


And if all these resources are not enough, we also partner and have excellent connections with external labs that could, for example, support SML (specific migration limits) measurements.


A total experience can only be achieved when partnering with experts. Sukano dedicates highly specialized technicians to work hand-in-hand with you as a multidisciplinary cooperative team of professionals.

Technical Center

  • 2
    Single and twin screw extruders
  • 2
    Single and coextrusion film line
  • 2
    Injection molders, including specialized set of molds
  • 2
    Thermoformer, dart impact tester
  • 2
    Dessicant dryers and filter pressure tester
  • 2
    Biaxial Tenterframe

Discover our analytical center

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