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Daily life exposition to different sources of UV Light: while the sun is our primary natural source of UV radiation, artificial light sources may also incur into unique hazardousness, according to its wavelength range of the emitted UV radiation.

The sun emits electromagnetic radiation of different energy according to its wavelengths Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is defined as that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between X rays and visible light. 
Some of the radiation, such as that making up the colours of the rainbow, is visible by humans while the part of radiation beyond the violet end of visible light is called UV radiation and can not be seen by humans eyes.

The UV spectrum is divided into: 
• Vacuum UV (40-190 nm);
• Far UV (190-220 nm);vlt 
• UVC (220-290 nm);
• UVB (290-320) and
• UVA (320-400 nm)

Effects of the UV radiation can be either positive or negative to humans and our ecosystem, according to the World Health Organization:


  • plus
    Are necessary for our body to produce vitamin D, a substance that helps strengthen bones and safeguards against diseases as lowering the risk of getting some kinds of internal cancer, like colon cancer
  • plus
    UV rays are also used in various commercial functions, such as disinfecting fish tanks or sterilizing medical equipment
  • plus
    Ultraviolet rays have their place in our ecosystem
  • plus
    Animal life makes their own use of these wavelengths too – certain animals can actually see ultraviolet light, and use it to their advantage, while bees use the reflection of UV off of flower petals to guide their pollen collecting
  • plus
    Pest Control – Insects are attracted to the UV light and killed by the electric shock in bug zappers
  • plus
    Picking out counterfeit banknotes – Genuine banknotes have fluorescent marks that are visible only under ultraviolet light


  • minus
    Effects on the environment is considered the largest problem caused by UV radiation due to the depletion of the ozone layer. Even though some species respond positively, extensive tests in several countries have shown that hundreds of species of plants and animals display negative effects from an increase in UV radiation
  • minus
    Natural UV light reaches the planet surface and can be just as harmful as some artificial light sources that also contain UV radiation levels
  • minus
    As humans, we are exposed to different sources of UV radiation and so are the products we use in our daily lives. Excessive exposure to UV radiation from the sun may cause painful sunburns, wrinkling and premature ageing of the skin as well as increase the risk of skin cancers and cataracts
  • minus
    Many polymers used in plastic consumer products are degradable by UV radiation.  When exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period, discoloration or even cracking of the polymer chain may occur

Polymer protection for outdoor applications

UV polymer protection depends on customer requirements and final applications properties demand over time 

According to the polymer and end application, different types of light barrier requirements are established, to avoid the negative effects of UV radiation.

UV polymer protection is commonly recommended for coex structures where the cap layer is subject to outdoor weathering such as hail, dust, sand. Over the past years and decades of experience, Sukano developed its own database of UV additives, polymers and material thicknesses to tailor your UV masterbatch formula according to specific customer applications and exposure conditions.

UV additive masterbatch for outdoor applications will protect your sheet:

  • 1
    Preventing microcrack formation
  • 8
    Maintaining the polymer original optical properties such as clarity and gloss for a longer period of time
  • Competence
    Preserving the polymer's mechanical properties and product functionality for a longer period of time

Sukano is an expert masterbatch player highly experienced in UV applications, therefore we can offer and guarantee you:

  • 2
    High productivity via low plate-out data based on volatility data examination
  • Quality
    Full access to our technical database to select the most appropriate value/cost balance to your required performance protection
  • safety-first
    Safe application performance with our extensive and comprehensive selection of recommended products
  • 20
    Assurance of your shelf appeal and product aesthetics integrity through no to low color impact and high transparency

Sukano technical experts will assist you to select a product or tailor made one of your choice respecting all requirements of your final application.

Sukano’s experts and state-of-the-art analytical laboratory are available to test and run trials to report on your specific performance needs and application requirements

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