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Driven by our in-house expertise, Sukano understands and supports customers’ high-class and ambitious projects. Our products enable you to drive energy savings, with the highest flexibility and transparency for design and multifunctional buildings – including fulfilling all certifications and safety requirements.


Lighting influences people’s wellbeing and comfort. It can stimulate social engagement and communication, or create a motivating workplace atmosphere. Lighting can also influence safety and promote productivity enhancement. It can also be used to represent the expression of a brand and reinforce customer experience. 

Sukano light diffusion masterbatches can help you design the ideal and most appropriate lighting products for your customers and projects.



Whether you produce lighting items for hotels, healthcare facilities, offices, educational buildings, retail spaces, cultural centers or industrial spaces, Sukano´s experts will support you to achieve optimum illumination effects and aesthetic freedom.


  • sheets
    Flexibility in design
  • sheets
    Full usage of colors and lights to improve people´s lives
  • sheets
    Available for PC, PET, PETG, PMMA
  • sheets
    Efficient lighting - achieve virtually any level of light scattering; from the highest to the lowest light transmission

Sukano’s experts and state-of-the-art analytical laboratory are available to test and run trials to report on your specific performance needs and application requirements.

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