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Plastic items are ubiquitous in our daily lives, used in various applications from toys to furniture, kitchenware, and electronic components. 


These applications require high durability and stability, as they are used frequently, must endure different temperatures, and are sometimes even exposed to extreme weather conditions or strengths. Additionally, the Consumer Durables market must adapt to ever-changing trends, regulations, and consumer demands.

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We offer tailor-made color developments and functional additives for ABS, PA, SAN, PC, PMMA, engineering resins, bioplastics, and recycled plastics. Our extensive masterbatch portfolio includes UV additives, antistatics, flame retardants, antiviral masterbatches, and more. We offer specific functionalities and formulations that fulfill your material and product requirements consistently and effectively.

We leverage our experience and expertise in the use of recycled plastic and biobased, biodegradable, and compostable polymers to improve your application’s sustainability profile while maintaining necessary mechanical properties. We also offer 3D printing expertise, regulatory support, and outstanding analytical and physical testing capabilities.

Consumer goods

  • Consumer Durables Sukano blau
    Small home and electronic appliances
  • Consumer Durables Sukano blau
    Small household and office goods
  • Consumer Durables Sukano blau
  • Consumer Durables Sukano blau
    Sports and leisure equipment
  • Consumer Durables Sukano blau
    Machine parts
  • Consumer Durables Sukano blau
    3D printing
Product performance


  • Temperature-resistance, weather-resistance, and UV-resistance
  • Customized colors
  • Integrity of mechanical properties
  • Immediate and long-lasting effects
  • Design flexibility
  • Increased aesthetics
  • Long-term polymer protection
  • Enable and maximize the use of RPET for durable goods
  • Cost-effective solutions


  • Customized formulas in ABS, PA, SAN, PC, PMMA, and engineering resins
  • Combibatches with functions coupled to colors
  • UV additives, antistatics, flame retardant, compatibilizers, antiviral additives
  • 3D printing expertise
  • Expertise on biobased, biodegradable, and compostable polymers
  • Profound knowledge and experience in the safe and maximum use of recyclable content
  • In-house regulatory expertise customized to your needs
  • Outstanding analytical and physical testing capabilities
  • Close and joint project management

Reduce the carbon footprint of your consumer goods

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