Turn your product into a must have piece - boost softness, flexibility, and material protection

Sukano's unique and highly technical masterbatches address the ever-changing challenges in the textile industry. Our masterbatches for fibers are recognized worldwide for their quality, consistency, and reliability. 

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We develop innovative solutions that meet changing industry demands, from product safety to durability and material sustainability, offering the flexibility to develop tailor-made colorants and functionalities for your application.

Our broad and highly concentrated portfolio meets a wide range of product requirements in applications such as monofilaments, multifilaments, and technical yarns. 

Textile applications

  • Textiles Sukano blau
  • Textiles Sukano blau
  • Textiles Sukano blau
    Technical fibers
  • Textiles Sukano blau
    Apparel and sportswear
  • Textiles Sukano blau
    Home textiles
  • Textiles Sukano blau
  • Textiles Sukano blau
    Carpets and rugs
Product performance


  • Reduced stiffness and increased elongation
  • Reduced polymer degradation and enhanced yarn tenacity
  • Antisplicing and matting agents
  • improved aesthetics
  • Prevent sticking during production 
  • Competitive processing advantages
  • Flexibility and agility to tailor to your formula
  • Tangible innovation that elevates the value of your product
  • High-performance function additives, colors, and combibatches

We offer tailor-made masterbatches for PET, PA, PLA, and PEF fibers

We have the perfect solution for your field of application

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