Make original flavor last, help preserve maximum nutritional value, enable safe storage and achieve high-end production efficiency.

Daylight causes loss of flavor and nutritional values in milk, by photocatalytic degradation of the vitamins A, B2, C, D. The formation of unpleasant odors due to decomposition of sulfurous proteins can also occur in packaged milk. The more light that gets transmitted through the packaging, the faster these degradation processes deploy.


Benefit from Sukano's expertise and proprietary formulations to reach unprecedented performance levels both during manufacturing and on the shelf. As an expert in PET packaging, Sukano has developed a dedicated range of high quality masterbatches for fresh, ESL and UHT White PET milk packaging.

You can now easily produce a monolayer PET milk bottle with low transmittance levels of UV and visible light and achieve a "shelf life" of up to 90 days - ensuring the integrity of the milk organoleptic properties as its flavour and nutritional values.


Sukano’s range of white masterbatches for monolayer PET milk packaging range for fresh, ESL or UHT can help address your most basic or your most challenging needs.

With Sukano white masterbatch, you benefit from:

  • bottles-container
    PET carrier masterbatch to eliminate screw slippage or mold deposits
  • bottles-container
    Low content of volatiles and extractables
  • bottles-container
    Excellent pigment dispersion for constant optical and mechanical properties
  • bottles-container
    Minimum wall thickness at high opacity levels for material savings
  • bottles-container
    Energy and time savings
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    Reduced cycle time and scrap rate during blow molding via the proprietary use of a high performance reheat agent
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    Use of an opacifier, to help you achieve higher opacity levels than the conventional levels reached via TiO2 for low light transmission
  • bottles-container
    Energy savings during bottle blowing for UHT preforms
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    Optimum balance of white color tone and product functionality

Sukano’s experts and state-of-the-art analytical laboratory are available to test and run trials to report on your specific performance needs and application requirements.

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