Unleash the full potential of biopolymers!

Sukano’s in-house technical knowledge and profound expertise in biopolymers is crucial to helping customers outperform the market when using new plastic materials, such as PLA and PBS.

Sukano is more than just the expert in masterbatches for conventional biopolymer applications such as thick and thin PLA film food packaging applications.


We also  help customers to develop new applications – such as heat sealing layers made from PBS, or improve the processing performance of PLA in film, injection molding and textile applications.

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Working with us you can unleash the full potential of biopolymers:

  • biopolymers
    Thin and thick PLA film food packaging applications
  • biopolymers
    Heat sealing layers made from PBS
  • biopolymers
    Improve the processing performance of PLA in film, thin wall injection molding and textile

Our ability to adapt biopolymers allows the use of PLA with additional benefits including:

  • biopolymers
    Production yields optimization
  • biopolymers
    Reduced cycle time
  • biopolymers
    Reduced part weights
  • biopolymers
    Production consistency
  • biopolymers
    Design flexibility

Optimized production and product quality

Our ability to adapt biopolymers allows food manufacturers to use PLA to pack food sensitive to light, and helps converters to optimize production yields and reduce cycle time. The whole value chain can benefit from reduced part weights using Sukano’s masterbatches for thin wall injection molded parts. Of course, despite all these benefits, there is no compromising on food safety, food quality integrity and top loads.


Consistency, flexibility of design, optimization of production performance, full compliance with market compostability certification standards ASTM D6868, ASTM D6400 & EN 13432.


These are just a few of the many advantages of partnering with Sukano for your development projects!

PHA Color Portfolio - we design colors with a purpose

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SUKANO® PHA color palette allow the end application to be and remain fully compostable thanks to the PHA carrier and stringent criteria used to select the colorants for this masterbatches. 



Specifically formulated to comply and leverage the properties of PHA and foster its applications where organic recycling is the most suitable end of life and applications where compostable material is in direct contact with the open environment.


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Enabling the use of BioPBS


Overcome the challenges of processing BioPBS and claim your product to be fully (home-)compostable.


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Transparent Slip/Antiblock for better performance and aesthetics

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To reduce adhesion, increase surface roughness, and adjust yellowish color.


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Increase temperature restistance and reduce cycle times


Reduced cycle times, uniform part quality, in addition to improved thermal and visual properties in transparent and opaque PLA films.


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Enhance release properties to accelerate productivity

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SUKANO® Mold Release enhances the excellent release properties between biopolymer and cold steel.


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