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Sukano’s bio-PBS(A) based masterbatches are designed to enable manufacturers to produce creative and functional products for the flexible packaging market that protect food from wastage, are compostable, transparent and use less plastic – and are able to be processed on existing industrial manufacturing lines. Other applications where the use of highly compatible masterbatches enable BioPBS™ resin and its blends to outperform conventional plastics, is in the injection molding process, such as for coffee capsules. 


Our goals is to create masterbatches that help you produce packaging that preserves natural resources while neither hindering design nor compromising the quality of the packaging or its contents.


  • biopolymers
    Derived from natural resources (sugarcane, cassava, corn), BioPBS decomposes into biomass, carbon dioxide and water in ambient condition (30°)
  • biopolymers
    Products made from BioPBS can be disposed of along with organic waste. It is compostable at open-air landfill site in ambient condition (30°), without requiring a specialized composting facility
  • biopolymers
    This advanced MB based material can be processed using the same machines currently available in the field with no need of additional investment

When processing BioPBS™ gel formation may occur which leads to poor quality. This effect is noticeable especially with high temperatures or when long residence time is needed. Typically such conditions are found in paper extrusion coating, injection molding and fiber spinning. Adding SUKANO® PBS(A) Masterbatches avoid gel formation and lead to good optical quality, good processability and aesthetics of the final film or injection molded part. 


SUKANO® BioPBS masterbatches and its advantages

  • plus
    Avoids gel formation
  • plus
    Food contact approved
  • plus
    High temperature resistance
  • plus
    Excellent heat sealability
  • plus
    Easy to compound with other Bioplastics

Sukano is working closely with stakeholders across the chain to find ways to avoid plastic contamination of soil. At Sukano #wearepartofthesolution and proud to have embarked on the journey toward sustainable bioplastics from the beginning. After initially offering functional and colored PLA based masterbatches, the company increased its portfolio to also include bio-PBS masterbatches. Our PBS-based masterbatches strengthen the revolutionary BioPBS™ resin and its blends, thanks to their two-fold bio properties. This makes their end applications suitable for food packaging and provides home and industrial compostability end of life options to consumers – all while retaining (and even upgrading) a brand’s environmental credentials.


The best way to ensure the sustainability of food packaging is to allow it to be composted together with separately collected biowaste. Compost from separately collected bio-waste is an extremely valuable soil improver and nutrient supplier, and it plays an important role in a circular economy by closing the organic cycle. Allowing the packaging to be composted with the biowaste removes several time and resource-consuming steps in the process.

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