Making the leap into a new era.

Sukano makes the leap into a new era, expanding its color portfolio to PHA. Not only offering a color palette, but the technical background concept used to formulate this products for such critical polymer properties and end applications as PHA stands for.


SUKANO® PHA color palette allow end applications to be and remain fully compostable, thanks to the PHA carrier and stringent criteria used to select the colorants for these masterbatches. Specifically formulated to leverage the properties of PHA, this color palette is ideally suited to applications where organic recycling is the most suitable end of life, as well as where compostable material is in direct contact with the open environment. 

PHA Colors

  • Location
    Manufactured locally
    REACH Compliant
  • Availability
    Available for industrially and home compostable applications up to soil/marine biodegradable applications
  • Best suitable for injection molding
    Best suitable for injection molding applications
  • biobased
    Biobased up to 100%
  • Fully compatible
    Fully compatible PHA carrier
  • Properties and performance
    Properties and performance may be tailored to the end applications​
  • Formulation
    Formulated for direct food contact applications

Colors and Applications

The color palette is inspired by our planet, the people that live on it and the beauty of nature that surrounds us - today and tomorrow.​


The SUKANO® PHA Color Palette are grouped into NIR-detectable blacks, whites, blue and green shades, earth tones and natural effects derived mainly from natural mineral colorants.

Coffee Capsules
Ocher, reds
Orange, blue, yellow
NIR detecatable black

Compostability letter for all certification schemes

Sukano provides for every Biopolymer Masterbatch a compostability letter showing all the information according to the compostability schemes required by the certifiying bodies. 


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