Partnership to broaden the use of #tide ocean-bound RPET

Sukano and tide ocean SA (#tide) team up to support a common goal: Reusing ocean-bound collected plastic to produce premium raw materials with an environmental and social impact, tackling and solving one of the most important challenges of our time #tide ocean material | Plastic pollution facts.


All industry players must work hand in hand and act today to achieve a successful transition to a circular economy. The partnership between #tide and Sukano opens new doors to broaden the use of this ocean-bound RPET.  When using #tide ocean material® RPET, you save 52% of energy and reduce your carbon footprint by 80% in comparison to using virgin PET. Sukano is global resin distributor and your development partner for the masterbatch based on ocean-bound RPET carrier, matching your needs and requirements. 

An award winning material



#tide has developed a mechanical solution to regenerate the molecules of damaged ocean-bound plastic waste and transforms these into a premium raw material. 



Besides the material, #tide is creating a big impact by collecting and upcycling ocean-bound plastic – not only for the environment but also for the local communities by creating jobs. For these achievements – including its material passports and its traceability on a blockchain – #tide has been awarded multiple times in its first 4 years. 

#tide - the label of trust for ocean-bound plastics


In today's world, transparency is key. The #tide ocean material® can seamlessly be tracked along the entire supply chain with blockchain technology. The material is tracked at every single step from the collection to the finished raw material. All processing steps are documented, including data such as dates, volumes, photos and geodata. Customers can even go beyond tracking the resin and include traceability for all materials to be able to provide full transparency to their end user via QR-code directly on the end application. 


Simply scan the QR-Code and learn about the products full journey in a material passport.


A business with an impact

80% of the plastics in the ocean come from land-based activities. Through limited resources for trash disposal or improper collection, littering or heavy rains which provoke landslides, plastic can be carried into streams, rivers and eventually to the ocean. Because it is very challenging to retrieve plastic from the ocean once it has entered it, the better strategy is to prevent plastic waste from entering open waters in the first place.


True sustainability means everyone is benefitting: The environment, the workers, the brands and the consumers.


#tide works closely with local fishermen and communities to collect waste from the beaches. "Collecting ocean-bound plastic for sourcing starting materials is an environmentally meaningful activity", as stated by Swiss environmental consultant Carbotech.


  • Environmental impact
    Protect the ocean and support the innovative circular economy model
  • Environmental impact
    Help to save up to 52% of energy
  • Environmental impact
    Reduce your carbon footprint by 80% by using #tide ocean material® RPET compared to virgin PET
  • Environmental impact
    Give waste a value and contribute to clean beaches and waters

#tide focuses on social impact, partnering up with carefully vetted social enterprises and foundations such as the Fondation Jan & Oscar which allows them to put emphasis on the principles guiding the impact-driven business model.


As a partner, you will directly contribute to #tide’s social impact and improve the quality of life of the local communities by:


  • Social Impact
    Creating jobs in rural and developing countries
  • Social Impact
    Paying fair wages
  • Social Impact
    Offering additional income
  • Social Impact
    Creating waste management systems
  • Social Impact
    Strongly committing to the UN SDGs

Partnerships and collaboration are key to reducing waste and having a positive environmental and social impact. Let's work together to ensure plastic gets a second life and stays in the loop. 

Sukano not only supplies the #tide resin but also act as the color and additive masterbatch specialist to introduce the material into your durable and high-quality end application.

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