PET for a sustainable material choice

We specialize in the development and production of masterbatches and compounds for PET. From the very beginning, we recognized the immense potential of PET and anticipated that its beneficial characteristics would drive increased demand for the material and spark its use for various applications. 


By using Sukano’s masterbatches, end applications made from non-recyclable, less sustainable or non-circular materials can be replaced with PET - thus supporting recyclability and contributing to a circular economy. 


The demand for recycling is constantly growing and the recyclability of your end application is becoming a crucial selection criterion for customers. We can assist you in making the switch to PET for a wide range of applications. 

Physical Properties

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PET possesses several advantageous physical properties, including lightweight, durability, and sturdiness. In addition, PET is safe for direct food contact applications, making it an ideal choice for sustainable packaging solutions. PET packaging not only provides protective and safe packaging with minimal material use but also keeps products fresh, extending their shelf-life. Additionally, PET is recyclable and reusable.




Given the intrinsic characteristics of PET, it can be used beyond food packaging applications, and replace non-recyclable polymers, either partially or in full. Furthermore, PET can be produced and recycled at low temperatures, resulting in energy savings during production and a proportionally smaller carbon footprint, as confirmed by numerous industry and academic studies. 


In comparison to alternative materials such as aluminum or glass, PET production and mechanical recycling occurs at significantly lower temperatures, requiring less energy and generating lower CO2 emissions.

PET for a circular economy

Circularity plays a decisive role in sustainability, particularly when it comes to a science-based material selection for plastic applications. PET stands out as the most recycled polymer globally, giving plastic applications a second life opportunity. This sustainable material is up to 100% bottle-to-bottle and tray-to-tray recyclable. As such, PET acts as a driver of the circular economy by keeping products in a closed loop while making a positive and safe impact on the environment.

Sukano design for recycling

We are at the forefront of the recycling journey. Our products are designed for recycling, aiming to maximize the use of recycled PET in various end applications and enabling the transition from complex packaging structures to monomaterial whenever possible to boost recycling rates. We strive to reduce packaging weight for less material wastage.


By leveraging the already favorable properties of PET, our products further enhance material efficiency by reducing weight and improving desired physical properties. Additionally, our RPET portfolio expands the field of application for RPET and maximizes the use of RPET content, while ensuring transparency, durability, and desired mechanical properties for each specific end application. This advancement facilitates the production of 100% RPET bottles and trays. With our masterbatches you can recycle your material and also reuse it effectively.

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