Sukano acquires the majority stake in KAYS Kft. to grow its expertise and position in new markets

Sukano, a global specialist in additive and color masterbatches and compounds for polyesters, biopolymers, and specialty resins, is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of the majority stake in KAYS Kft., a Hungarian company specializing in compounding engineering plastics using recycled content.

This exciting development marks a significant milestone for both companies, creating a synergistic alliance that unlocks new growth opportunities. Both entities will continue their operations independently, ensuring a seamless transition for all stakeholders involved.

Sukano’s decision to acquire KAYS Kft. is rooted in the shared vision and strategic alignment of the two companies, complementing the other perfectly in terms of the markets they serve. While Sukano holds a strong position as a leading supplier in Packaging and has been expanding its reach into Consumer Durables, Building & Construction, Textiles, and Healthcare markets, KAYS Kft. brings a specialized focus on the Automotive, E+E, and Railway markets. This complementary pairing combines strengths and capabilities, broadening the scope of expertise and service the Sukano group can offer.

At the core of both companies is an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, delivering cutting-edge technology, customized masterbatch and compound solutions, and top-tier services. With their technical knowledge and market insights, the companies offer unparalleled service for a wide range of industries and customers.

Both companies are committed to sustainability, designing products that keep plastics in the loop longer. While Sukano develops products that optimize the properties of recyclates to allow higher use of recycled content in plastic applications, KAYS Kft. engineer compounds that contain significant amounts of recycled content (PIR/PCR). Both continue to drive innovation to support a Circular Economy.

About Sukano

Sukano, founded in 1988 and headquartered in Switzerland, is a family-owned global specialist in the development and production of additive and color masterbatches and compounds for polyesters, biopolymers, and engineering resins.

The company is driven by expertise and devotes its technical knowledge to developing innovative products and highly specialized solutions that go into Packaging, Consumer Durables, Building and Construction, Healthcare, and Textiles.



About KAYS Kft.

KAYS Kft., founded in 2004, is a family-owned company in Hungary specializing in the compounding of engineering plastics with recycled content and high-quality standards for the European market.

The company employs innovative solutions, and a wealth of experience and expertise to manufacture products of the highest quality for specific applications. Sustainability, efficient resource utilization, and environmentally conscious thinking are firmly embedded in the company's culture.

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