With our mobility aid additive masterbatch release, scuffing, and sticking issues are a thing of the past.

Bottles must rotate freely as they pass through the production conveyor, as forced rotation caused by friction can lead to a blockage on the line. The new SUKANO® Mobility Aid solution is provided as a solid PET masterbatch that is blended with virgin PET or RPET material during molding or processing. Even at low concentrations, the masterbatch disperses consistently through the PET material, reducing its coefficient of friction (COF), and modifying the surface texture with a microstructure.

Advantages of the mobility aid additive masterbatch

  • Eliminates issues
    Eliminates issues during secondary processing steps, which require adhesion
  • Avoids the risk
    Avoids the risk microbiological contaminations by aqueous coatings that require antimicrobial additives or application in clean-room environment
  • Reduced costs
    Reduced costs and cleaning requirements associated to spray coatings residues on bottles and machinery
  • No interaction
    No interaction of masterbatch formula with other additives
  • Constant and uniform
    Constant and uniform mobility aid performance by controlled additive distribution
  • Deisgn flexibility
    Design flexibility no need of customized mold surface
  • No risk
    No risk of the spray contaminating the bottle content
  • Material remains recyclable
    Material remains recyclable, no contamination of the recycling PET clear stream
  • Surface tension
    Surface tension <40 dyne

Sukano technical experts will assist you to select a product or tailor made one of your choice respecting all requirements of your final application.

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